Dr Cornel West & Douglas Murray (2018)

Think Inc thought you’d like to see a fight. We present the clash of the big brain troublemakers: Cornel West vs Douglas Murray, to Australia and New Zealand (Auckland Presented by AUT & Loop).

Dr West is the philosopher responsible for Race Matters, a book that grills America for its racist ways. He has a face you’ll know even if you think you don’t know him. A regular on Real Time with Bill Maher and cable news, his clips roll into your Facebook feed. Not just an egghead, Dr West leaves his study for all sorts of unexpected projects. He has done a spoken word collab with Prince and Andre 3000. Also – and we were hoping he’d fill in the backstory when he came to Australia – he appeared in both The Matrix sequels. Cornel hits the streets when needed. He was arrested at the 2014 Black Lives Matter rally in Ferguson, Missouri, and again, a year later, at the anniversary rally.

The good doctor takes aim at class, not just race. This sends him crashing into other black VIPs. He called Barack Obama a “Republican in blackface”. He took down fellow superstar intelect Ta-Nehisi Coates for, according to West, sucking up to elites.

Didn’t sound like he was going to get on with conservative Douglas Murray. And that’s who he shared the stage with for this Australian and New Zealand tour. Douglas Murray is a political commentator who wrote the impressively fat book The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.

Gay himself, Douglas isn’t willing to give a free pass to homophobia and other reactionary elements within Islam. After the Charlie Hebdo massacre he travelled talk show to talk show, pushing back on the servile scaredy-cats who blamed the massacre, like all the woes of the world, on The West. Douglas doesn’t think colonisation and capitalism are the root cause of everything screwed up in the world.

Think Inc. has let Douglas and Cornel loose on each other, to argue about race, foreign policy, free speech, and whether wokeness is awesome or just really annoying.

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