Think Inc. Thursdays #030

Today we've got news on what's really in your vape liquid, and the plant-protein industry gets a massive boost 🍖

We've also got the latest news from Douglas Murray and Peter Singer, and if you're not already a fan of The Weeknd, you're going to love the Starboy after reading this ⭐️

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pesticides in vapes?

Alexander Larcombe, a respiratory physiologist from Curtin University studied 65 common liquids used in vapes bought across Australia, and what he found wasn’t pretty.

You’re probably unsurprised that vapes have a number of harmful carcinogens, but what about pesticides? Larcombe suspects the residual pesticide comes from what's used to treat the crops grown for glycerol, one of the main ingredients in vape juice.

The plastic container and metal coil, when heated, were also found to leach harmful chemicals.

If that wasn't concerning enough, Larcombe detected elements of nicotine in supposedly nicotine-free vapes 😟

plant protein news

Denmark, yet again, is showing Scandinavian excellence. It has just signed a monumental climate agreement, in which it plans to funnel a whopping 1.25 billion Kroner into plant-based foods. This is the largest investment in plant-based research and development that the EU has ever seen.

The agreement, which plans to slash Green House Gas emissions by more than 50% by 2030, was endorsed by all parties in the Danish parliament.

Maybe they’ll develop something like vrimp, the new Nestlé product made from seaweed. Nestlé says it has a texture just like prawns (or shrimp if you wanna get all American about it) 🦐

Would you give these a go?

douglas murray's new book

Great news for Douglas Murray fans, we'll be getting a new book next April! In The War on the West Douglas will argue that despite slavery, prejudice, genocide, and exploitation happening all over the world throughout history, only the West seems to take blame for it.

From what we can see, this book is building upon the ideas he wrote about in The Strange Death of Europe (which we have signed copies of in our shop), and The Madness of Crowds.

We’re definitely a big fan of Douglas and loved touring him in 2018. His defence of truth and reason is so needed today.

chinese cold war?

Douglas Murray has also written a piece in The Sun UK about the situation in Taiwan, where, last week, the Chinese Communist Party flexed its power by sending a record number of fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace.

Douglas argues that the West is already in a Cold War with China, and has been for a while now. He suggests that this latest act may be China testing Taiwan's Western allies for weakness.

What do you think? Are we already in a Cold War, or is that an exaggeration? 🤔

peter singer on the hinge of history

When thinking about global disasters, it's common for us to focus on protecting the Earth for our own sake. We worry about human extinction, and preserving our species for as long as possible – at least long enough to move to a different planet in the case that we ruin ours 🚀

This anthropocentric focus is what Peter Singer criticizes in his recent article in Project Syndicate. “Perhaps the idea that we are essential to this process is merely the latest version of the self-important delusion that humans are the center of existence. Surely, in this vast universe, there must be other forms of intelligent life, and if we don’t populate the galaxy, someone else will”. 

Peter argues that when taking steps to reduce human extinction risk, we should focus on things that also further the interests of present and near-future people. For example, enabling people to escape poverty and get an education will likely help us move in the right direction.

Are we too self-interested when it comes to tackling these massive problems? Or is self-interest the only way that we will actually get something done? This might be something you want to ask Peter Singer during our tour next March and April 💬 

the weeknd, not just a crooner

We know The Weeknd for his sexy tunes, but did you know he’s also a philanthropist?  This altruism has just gained him the title of goodwill ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme 🤝

Over the past year he’s donated $3 million to various organisations. Most recently, he gave $1 million to the UN World Food Programme’s work in Ethiopia, his parents’ home country.

Photo of the week

A team of researchers excavating in Utah's Great Salt Lake Desert have found evidence of the earliest use of wild tobacco in the Americas. Pictured are the charred seeds of wild tobacco plants which the researchers radiocarbon-dated.

Their paper, recently published in Nature Human Behaviour, suggests that people have been using tobacco as far back as 12,5000 years ago. Prior research provided evidence of tobacco pipes from 3,000 years ago.

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