Think Inc. Thursdays #003

We hope you’ve had a relaxing Easter long weekend and are ready to get back to nourishing that fantastic brain of yours.

This week I have been fascinated by Eric Weinstein’s Theory of Everything. It could be huge and I can’t wait to hear what Kaku, Greene, and Caroll have to say about this.

Also a big shout out to the main man himself, Sam Harris, for his birthday tomorrow.

If you come across news that everyone should know about, send me a link to it via and we might include it in the next edition!

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SpaceX has announced the names of the crew members that will be orbiting Earth as part of the all-civilian Inspiration4 mission!

The team is comprised of Jared Isaacman: tech billionaire, entrepreneur, philanthropist, pilot, and CEO of Shift4 Payments. Next, there’s Hayley Arceneaux, a childhood cancer survivor who will be the youngest American to fly into space and the first with a prosthetic body part. Together with geoscientist and analog astronaut, Dr Sian Proctor, and AirForce veteran Chris Sembroski, they’re not your average civilians.


Monday marked the 11 years since WikiLeaks published Collateral Murder, the collection of videos that Chelsea Manning leaked showing the US firing on a group of civilians in Baghdad in 2007.

Fearless Aussie Julian Assange is still suffering in exile for publishing the videos which exposed widespread government corruption and abuse. But, according to his partner Stella Moris, Julian got a nice surprise when he received a letter from Pope Francis delivered through his cell door.

We don’t know exactly what the letter says, but it is well documented that Julian is suffering psychologically. This isn’t the first time that Pope Francis has written to a high-profile prisoner.

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Eric Weinstein went on Joe Rogan’s podcast to release “Geometric Unity” – his ‘theory of everything’; a unification of the two mathematical frameworks that govern modern physics: quantum mechanics and general relativity.

This could be a huge leap forward for science! Eric is looking for constructive feedback in order to succeed in refining the theory.

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Our favourite linguist John McWhorter has been a busy bee this week. He’s written a very interesting and timely piece for The Atlantic on how words like racism, justice and equity have lost their common meaning.

Now, their meaning differs depending on what ideology you subscribe to. He makes some suggestions on how to avoid the confusion and tension caused by the lack of agreement between “the initiated” (or more simply put, the woke) and the rest of us. How are we supposed to have great debate about important issues if we lack a common language for discussing the topic?

If you’re a super consumer of John’s content like we are, you’d better check out his new podcast released on Heterodox Academy in which he talks about viewpoint diversity among black intellectuals.

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Scientists have discovered that the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs was the same one that made way for the Amazon rainforest. Before the asteroid hit what is now Mexico some 66 million years ago, South America’s rainforests were made up of vastly different vegetation.

When the asteroid collided, the plant and insect diversity was decimated and took 6 million years to fully recover. The message here is that our forests are being deforested at an incredible rate when you consider how long they take to recover.

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Video of the Week

Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and famous for his advocacy for universal basic income in the US. He ran for president in 2020, and this year he’s running for mayor of New York. He’s known for really successful online campaigns, and he’s really outdone himself this time!

If you’re a hip-hop head you’re going to love it. A few days ago he released a rap video featuring MC Jin, and it’s ridiculously catchy.

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