Doing Good: An Introduction to Effective Altruism

Doing Good: An Introduction to Effective Altruism is a four-week live, online course that will teach you the mindset and methods behind effective altruism: the movement dedicated to using reason and evidence to do the most good we can with the limited resources we have.

This course will teach you the most effective ways to save lives and reduce suffering. But along the way, you’ll also learn some philosophy, engage in challenging discussions on interesting topics, and become part of a community of like-minded peers.

What will I learn?

In this class, you’ll learn:

The principles of effective altruism
The most pressing existential risks facing humanity
How to make the biggest impact
How to put everything you learnt into practice

Your Instructor

Luke K. Freeman, former entrepreneur and current Executive Director of Giving What We Can.

Course Structure

The course consists of four 90-minute classes and takes place in our virtual classroom over Zoom.

It is a live and interactive course, which features:

- Assigned readings,
- Live lectures,
- Live Q&A sessions with the instructor,
- and Zoom breakout rooms with your intellectually curious classmates.

Can’t make the live classes? No dramas! All lessons are recorded and accessible forever.

To maintain an optimal learning environment, classes are kept small — so be quick in securing your spot!

Class Schedule

WEEK 1: The Effectiveness Mindset and Differences in Impact

Over the course of Week 1 we aim to introduce you to the core principles of Effective Altruism. This week we’ll investigate what opportunities to do good we have available to us; come to terms with the trade-offs we face in our altruistic efforts; and explore tools that can help us find unusually high impact opportunities.

WEEK 2: Expanding our Compassion and Improving the Accuracy of our Judgements

This week focuses on your own values and the practical implications that these views have. During Week 2 we explore who our moral consideration should expand to. We will also focus on a range of different tools that we might be able to use to increase our good judgment and ability to forecast well when trying to accomplish the most good.

WEEK 3: Existential Risk and Emerging Technologies

In this week’s session we build on last week's themes by discussing expanding the moral circle (who we are considering) with regards to how much we value different lives, whether they be people, future generations, or animals. We will then discuss the implications of these considerations on effective cause area recommendations.

WEEK 4: Putting it into practice

One of the main ways in which we can affect the world for the better is through our actions. For this final week we hope to help you apply the principles of effective altruism to your own life and also critically reflect back on the rest of the course.

What's Included

- Live online lectures.
- Live Q&A sessions with the instructor.
- Zoom breakout rooms for collaboration with other classmates.
- Downloadable pre-readings.
- Weekly homework tasks.
- Downloadable PDF summaries of the lectures and course.
- Lifetime access to the lecture recordings.
- A certificate of completion.
- The opportunity to make new intellectually curious friends.



I’ve done two courses now, highly recommend. The teachers are knowledgeable, it’s the right amount of content before and during class.

Great to connect with likeminded people.


I’ve taken multiple Think Inc Academy courses and they have all been brilliant!

The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and the small class sizes allow for lively discussion with friendly classmates.

I highly recommend these courses to help get your head around the big questions that face us all!