Australia’s premier festival of evidence, reason and critical thinking

Back in 2017, Think Inc. presented Skepticon Australia, the 33rd Australian Skeptics annual national convention, at the City Recital Hall in Sydney. Speakers included major names in the science and rational-thinking community.

The two-day ideas festival celebrated science, reason and critical thinking. Previous events had explored topics as diverse as water divining and psychics, medical news and shonky consumer products. Part of the attraction has been the range of leading scientific and skeptical personalities from Australia and overseas, and 2017 was no exception.

The speaker list included futurist and social-media superstar, Jason Silva, science communicator Cara Santa Maria from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast, Youtuber and filmmaker Alan Melikdjanian a.k.a ‘Captain Disillusion’. Comedian and TV presenter Lawrence Leung featured as the host of the festival.

The speaker list also included former naturopath-turned-skeptic Britt Hermes, the Cognitive Dissonance and the Scathing Atheist podcasts, astronomer and science expert Dr Alan Duffy, Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker Sonya Pemberton, scientist and media superstar Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, celebrity TV doctor Dr Brad McKay. Rounding off the impressive international lineup was Dr Vyom Sharma, the doctor/ magician who ‘vanishes’ illness.

“These conventions have brought together people from around Australia and overseas,” says Eran Segev, President of the Australian Skeptics Inc. “Many of our attendees are people who have never been to a Skeptics event before and suddenly find a ‘home’ for their love of science and critical thinking.”

Australian Skeptics has been holding annual conventions since 1985, the longest continual run for any such event anywhere in the world. In organising Skepticon for their annual convention in 2017, they partnered with Think Inc. to amaze and unite the community of skeptics all around Australia.


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