Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (2017)

“People will look at this generation as really the generation that was able to overcome one of the greatest issues that humanity has ever been faced with.”

Displaying a wisdom far beyond his years, Xiuhtezcatl (“Shu-tez-caht”) Martinez has been speaking on behalf of the planet since the tender age of six. Today, his extraordinary eloquence has moved audiences which include world leaders, Hollywood celebrities and other impassioned young people across continents who have joined his Earth Guardians activism movement. Through public speaking and hip-hop, Xiuhtezcatl is spreading his message and shifting human consciousness – and in 2017, his message reached Australia and New Zealand.

Xiuhtezcatl made headlines around the world when he stood before the UN Earth Summit in 2015. Opening his statement in Nahuatl, he went on with the fluency of a spoken word poet to stress the immediacy of climate change, its impact as an issue of human rights, and to lambast politicians for over 20 years of inaction. “We have to remember, we are all indigenous to this earth and that we are all connected”.” he urged the delegates. “We are being called upon to use our courage, our innovation, our creativity and our passion to bring forth a new world.”

His passion has not gone unnoticed, and has since landed him guest appearances on HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, and Real Time with Bill Maher as platforms to disseminate his devotion to preserving the planet.

Xiuhtezcatl’s youth is no handicap, but a weapon in his arsenal: “As young people we have the advantage that the world will listen to us more so than adults because we’re vulnerable and we’re innocent.” His activism also draws on his Aztec heritage, which taught him to give back to the earth through music and dance, and to see the connections between the living planet and the daily decisions that we make.

With the help of Think Inc. and the Sustainable Living Festival Australia, Xiuhtezcatl made his debut Down Under in 2017, addressing audiences in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. Those who came along were inspired, challenged and entertained by this impassioned young eco-warrior and musician.


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