“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

The similarities between animals and humans might seem obvious to us now (see:  any major political race or the state of reality TV), but this was not always the case. Dr Jane Goodall uncovered the complexity of social and familial life within groups of wild chimpanzees, highlighting the connection between humans and our closest living relatives. Through her groundbreaking work in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park, Dr Goodall redefined how scientists interact with the wild, contributing to one of the greatest studies of primates the world has ever seen. She has lamented that Tarzan married the wrong Jane… and we agree.

The natural, instinctive bond that exists between humans and chimpanzees allowed Dr Goodall to develop meaningful, individual relationships with the resident primates of Gombe. Her connection with the animals served as inspiration for what would become a lifetime of work dedicated to combating deforestation, illegal trade and unethical mining operations that have devastated chimpanzee populations across Africa.

Dr Goodall’s quest for animal welfare and conservation is as relevant now as it ever has been. With the shifts in our global climate displacing not only chimpanzees but thousands of other species (including humans), her message of compassion and environmental responsibility is incredibly pertinent for 2019 and beyond. Far from being bogged down by the seemingly endless flow of bad-news stories, Dr Goodall’s focus is on our capacity to make a difference. Her belief in the power of inspired youth and activism has never faltered over her career. We were humble to hear Dr Goodall’s perspectives on current environmental issues, what the future looks like for the inhabitants of our shared planet and what we can do to change the course of history.

With the 60th anniversary of her arrival in Gombe approaching in 2020, Dr Goodall once again joined Think Inc. to celebrate her work and reflect on how the study that she began years ago endures today. This event consisted of a 40-minute lecture by Dr Jane Goodall, followed by a 40-minute conversation between Dr Jane Goodall and the event host. Think Inc. & the Jane Goodall Institute Australia were honoured to present Jane Goodall: Rewind the Future, the 2019 Australian Tour.


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