Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam

Founder of Free Hearts Free Minds, Yasmine Mohammed will show you the path on how to advocate for the rights of women living within Islamic majority countries and those struggling under religious fundamentalism.

According to her “we must criticise ideas while avoiding bigotry.” It’s a simple enough notion, but one that all too often falls apart, especially when the topic is Islam. Islamophobia has been on the rise for many years, fuelled by the increased coverage of terrorist activity from Islamic extremists, politicians running on divisionist platforms, and misinformation spread online.


You’d expect that misinformation to primarily be published by racists, but what if we told you that the liberal-minded were doing the same thing; that they were doing it unknowingly and to the detriment of their fundamental beliefs?

In the face of tremendous Islamophobia, many liberals conflated any criticism of the religion with attacking Muslims directly. Some shut down any debate about Islam by branding it as racist without acknowledging the faith’s record of treating women poorly, violence against the LGBTQI+ community, and anti-Semitic beliefs.

Liberals are failing themselves by avoiding any criticism of non-Christian religions. Rather than fighting for fundamental liberal values, they are letting human rights violations pass by in the name of religious freedoms. So how do you move away from virtue signalling “I am not Islamophobic” to being virtuous, evangelising the doctrine of “equal rights for all”? Yasmine Mohammed has a guide for you.





A human rights activist and founder of Free Hearts Free Minds, Yasmine advocates for the rights of women living within Islamic majority countries and those struggling under religious fundamentalism. It’s an issue she’s all too familiar with, having been born into the freedoms of the Western world, but raised in a fundamentalist Islamic home. She was forced into marrying a jihadist at a young age, and grew up in a world where 9/11 was celebrated. Her upbringing gives her an important perspective on how all of us should consider Islam, providing an objective view coloured with lived experience. 

Yasmine is a firm believer that if you lean too far to one side, your arguments are bound to fall over, twisting your values as they crumble. According to her, “Western democracies are suffering from a toxic mix of arrogance and naiveté that makes them complacent.” Her mission is to unveil the truth, guiding you through the divisionist narratives the media spins and the rampant political correctness that influences what is “acceptable” to question.

Think Inc. are proud to have presented Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam with Yasmine Mohammed, an event that shed light on how to challenge sensitive and controversial ideas – without becoming a bigot.


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