Storytelling is the foundation on which societies are built. 

All of us are reflections of the stories we’re told. We are the sum of the lessons our parents teach us, the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the advertising we see, our daydreams, and so much more.

We are raised and moulded by stories, so it’s no surprise we worship the storytellers we connect with most.

A well-crafted story is a powerful weapon, one that can be used for great good or evil, and today it’s easier than ever to spread ideas far and wide. 


The question is how do you get your message to surface above the half-truths and lazy rhetoric? How do you connect with people authentically? You listen to Luka Lesson.

Think Inc. proudly presents to you an expert in the spoken word: Luka Lesson. 

Main presentation

As one of the greatest poets of our generation, he will challenge you to think outside the box, question the status quo, and set you on the path to peak resilience, helping your voice be heard in our chaotic world.

Luka is a poet and rapper whose work engages with the Greek mythology of his family’s heritage, the fiercely political, and the unashamedly self-reflective.

His ability to weave authentic and compelling stories has led to a varied and illustrious career, having performed with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, released two albums, Please Resist Me and EXIT, and written two poetry books, The Future Ancients and Antidote.

In-Depth Discussion

With Honours in Indigenous Studies, Luka has shared the stage with Dr Cornel West in 2015 for a Think Inc. event, as well as in 2016, with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, hosting a three-city tour.

In the words of Dr Cornel West himself, Luka is “a genuine artist of high quality whose poetry is powerful and poignant. I salute his prophetic witness!”

Luka has been a lifelong educator. His work is currently being studied in English departments across Australia and he uses education-based programs to promote social change across the globe. He also hosts an annual poetry-based writers’ retreat in his family’s village on the Greek island of Rhodes, which has transformed the lives of a great number of people.


Our daily lives have taken on a strange and unfamiliar routine thanks to COVID-19. Around the globe, many of us are locked-down or are in social isolation, and it’s enough to drive you mad. But, we’re here to keep you company and to keep you thinking.

Think Inc. proudly presents Outside The Box, a series of Online Live Events featuring prolific speakers whose ideas will change and challenge the way you see the world.

We’re bringing the full experience of live events to your home, complete with interacting with the star of the show, asking them questions, and mingling with other fans.


We may blow your mind, but do not take responsibility for any personal or metaphysical injury.

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