“If our lives are brief and undirected, at least we can take pride in our mutual courage as we struggle to understand things much greater than ourselves.”

Think Inc. are proud to present the global online encore of Sean Carroll’s wildly popular show! As a gentle f**k you to COVID-19 trying to keep us apart, Sean brings us together to explore the mysteries of our existence.


We shouldn’t be here. Not really, anyway. The chances that one day trillions upon trillions of atoms would all come together and make a sentient little sack of anxiety are unimaginably small. Yet here we are, wandering around the Earth, asking the question “why us?!” When you really think about it we might just be a cosmic joke – creatures aware enough to know the big questions, but not smart enough to answer them.

If your little bundle of atoms worry about the odds that you’d be here to worry in the first place, then there’s one place you should be: at Think Inc.’s Our Preposterous Universe with Sean Carroll.






Bending time and space to his will, Sean Carroll is part physicist, part philosopher, and an all-around intellectual wizard. Reality itself can’t escape his magic as he investigates the fundamental nature of the universe, where we’ve been, where we’re heading, and what all those questions can tell us about the purpose of our journey. He has the power to turn you from a nervous wreck to a regular wreck. Or, if that’s too hard, he might be able to find a different universe with a much more confident you.

Working as a theoretical physicist at CalTech, Sean understands that one of the most unnerving things about the universe is everything about it. With more questions, conundrums, riddles and mysteries being added every second, it’s clear we’re in desperate need of someone to sort this all out for us. Fair warning though: you aren’t going to be given easy answers or benign comforts at this event. Instead, Sean strives to understand the very fabric that makes up our world and pass that understanding on to you.

While others shy away from the scary and strange side of quantum mechanics, Sean gleefully charges into dark matters, resolving to solve the great mysteries of the universe(s)… or, at least, one of the many, many Sean’s will solve it.

With such a gift for embracing the unknown, the impossible and the preposterous, it’s no wonder he was pegged by Marvel to be a science advisor on Avengers: Endgame and help build worlds that defy our imaginations. Host of the hit podcast Mindscape, Sean has sat down with everyone from scientists to professional poker players, Joe Rogan and even Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane.

It’s a conversation that promises to challenge and provoke you. You might not leave with all the answers, but it will leave you with the right questions to ask.

Plus, every other you from every other universe either went to his first tour or has already RSVP’d – you don’t want to be the odd you out, do you?

Think Inc. proudly presents Sean Carroll one more time in this and every other universe (but we recommended booking tickets in this one).

The event was hosted by Alan Duffy, Research Fellow and Professor at Swinburne University and Lead Scientist at The Royal Institution of Australia.


Our daily lives have taken on a strange and unfamiliar routine thanks to COVID-19. Around the globe, many of us are locked-down or are in social isolation, and it’s enough to drive you mad. But, we’re here to keep you company and to keep you thinking.

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We’re bringing the full experience of live events to your home, complete with interacting with the star of the show, asking them questions, and mingling with other fans.


We may blow your mind, but do not take responsibility for any personal or metaphysical injury.