It’s with a heavy heart that we are announcing the cancellation of our tour with Michael Mann. Public safety and the wellbeing of our communities has to come first, and with experts speculating that things will “return to normal” only towards the third quarter of 2021, this is the most prudent action we can take.

Current ticket holders will receive a full refund, and all of our other events are not impacted by this decision – they will be running as planned.

About the tour:

The world watched in horror as our sunburnt country was left scorched. Over the summer we saw the most devastating consequence of our planet warming, yet somehow we as a nation seem incapable of facing the issue.

Climate change is the predominant issue of our time. All over the world, people are marching in the streets demanding real solutions to address the crisis, but governments continue to wring their hands. Why? Because misinformation about the issue is clouding their judgement.

This is why Michael Mann has dedicated his life to finding meaningful data in the noise to keep the public armed with facts and rational thinking, he believes we can tackle one of the greatest threats humanity has ever faced. Michael is an American climatologist, geophysicist and the director of the Earth System Science Center. His work has been revolutionary in elevating our understanding of global temperatures historically and where we might be headed next.

He’s good at it, too. Michael’s pioneering statistical work led to the creation of the now-famous Hockey Stick Graph, he’s authored more than 200 peer-reviewed publications, has written three books on the climate crisis and has been rewarded with a number of commendations and distinguished titles. He’s motivated by a love of science, a passion for separating the truth from lies, and a strong desire to not see the world end just yet.

And so, Michael puts the power in your hands. At this talk, you will not only learn about the impact of the changing climate but what you can do to fight back against it, even if your politicians don’t seem to be listening.

We’re fighting for the future of our planet and to be well-informed is to be well-armed. Denial is death, and if we’re going to make it, we need a placard in one hand and a powerful bullshit detector in the other. There is no Planet B – humanity is at stake.

Think Inc.’s statement on the cancellation of Michael Mann’s tour:


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