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Think Inc. is a young, Australia-based initiative dedicated to reinvigorating the excitement of rational discourse in daily conversation. Through engaging events with leading world-class intellectuals, we deliver content that is both rigorous and refreshing both for interested members of the public, and those with professional involvements in a variety of sciences and humanities. Our goal is to bridge the gap and amplify the dialogue between inquisitive members of the public and those making significant strides in their academic and professional scientific fields. We strive to bring to the Australian public the best and brightest members of the global intellectual community for a continuing series of lectures and Q&A sessions.

Our criteria for the guests we bring? Professional and/or academic contributions to research, ambitious real-world goals, an ability to communicate complex ideas with ease of understanding, an expressed desire to make their knowledge accessible to the masses, and a dedication to engaging future generations in rationality and critical thought. Think Inc. was brought to life from a desire to challenge intellectual comfort, and a thirst for democratising the dialogue between society’s innovators and the people who benefit from them. It is a platform to promote big ideas, stimulate and engage independent, rational thinking, and celebrate scientific discovery. We advocate intellectual discussion and applaud those who strive to challenge the status quo in all aspects of everyday life to culminate a society that is more interested, informed, intelligent and innovative.

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